Meo RipCurl Pro Portugal 2019

As a Surf Photographer who doesn’t currently live near enough to a coast that gets swells that form into rideable waves, or drive, once or twice a year I like to go off on a little mission to get my fix, I find myself going back to destinations I’ve come to love and my trips have become like a yearly pilgrimage. One destination being the bountiful coast surrounding a small portuguese town known predominantly for two things, Fish and a wave that goes by the name of Supertubos, and with the world’s best competitive surfers in town to display their skills and get a step closer to the world title, what better time to go than for the Competition waiting period!

The Boys and this year the Girls too, after a few years break from competing at the spot, put on a hell of a show through conditions that didn’t particularly represent the waves name, while there were a few tubes to be had, Supers once again became a bit of an air show (not that I’m complaining) with Italo taking the Men’s win for a second consecutive year and young Caroline Marks taking home the trophy for the Ladies on the Women’s comeback to the spot.